XMAS Bash!

Last drifting event of the year was at Queensland Raceways XMAS bash,
This event is always my absolute favourite as there is just NOONE on track and no line ups, big run ups.

The sun was out in force and everyone was doing everything they could to not show up to work the next day bright red after calling in sick.

The car went well, I sustained some damage to a rear panel from a tire stack but it is pretty minor and wont be a hard fix.

Here’s some pics and some video.
I managed to get the speedo off the clock on a few entries which I think opens the door to the 200+ zone which I have been trying to do for a long time so that was a buzz.


The car will be out next at the StreetKarnage Half way Hangs event, which hopefully wont rain for 5 days straight again.

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