Matsuri 2k15 – Done and dusted

Matsuri this year was a classic tale of highs and lows. The weekend started with me trying to fault find some motor issues.
I fell into the trap of my car being reliable for so long that I don’t even really check it anymore.
After numerous red herrings it was discovered late on Saturday that my exhaust cam had skipped a tooth, hence why my car was making great boost and my exhaust glowing red hot.
Luckily the 3sgte is a non interference motor. My lovely gf Nicole brought me a belt on Sunday morning, an hour later with some good friends helping me out, and the willy wag tail was once again chirping out on track.
Thanks to all the people who hang out and make it a great weekend, Neil Lewis for making it all possible.

Heres a video of what was going down late Sunday afternoon.

Pics from InfantJaps Facey

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