Halfway Hangs 4

Its easy to forget how great Raleigh Raceway is when you only seem to ever drive it
in the rain! But this year the sun was out and it was awesome.

I have run 7psi for many years and this weekend upped it to about 20psi and loved every second of it. I’m glad I put it off for so many years as I feel in the past the cars ability was above mine and I wanted to catch up and learn the chassis without power to hide my driving mistakes.

The extra power made the track super fun without having to take second stabs at the back section and sliding it in one hit.

Here is a few runs, sorry about the white balance I didn’t take the time to set my camera right and it was just on auto.


Thanks to everyone who made it a great weekend, especially Zak Denman who goes the extra mile and puts the work in the make it all possible.

I handed out an award for Master Blaster 2017 to Jay Manley as he was blasting all day and was showing pretty nice car control.

The following pics are thanks to Bryan Bush.

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