The year so far. Halfway hangs and Japnats.

Firstly the 9 hour trek to Halfway Hangs, down at Raleigh Raceway.
I could talk about this even a lot, the hangs, the good times. But lets just say it rained the entire trip. (great fun with no windows)
I couldn’t get up past 80 kmph for most of the way down in the cruiser due to the torrential rain, even losing a windscreen
wiper 3/4 of the way there. Luckily the Corollas windscreen wiper bolted straight on and we were off again.

Was a great opportunity to catch up with mates from down south that I don’t get to see as often as I would like.
Even with the rain it was still an awesome weekend.
Some pics
FB_IMG_1426654041480 FB_IMG_1426654136627  FB_IMG_1426654211427 FB_IMG_1426654312810 FB_IMG_1426654329792  FB_IMG_1426654360630 FB_IMG_1426654414707 FB_IMG_1426654440674 FB_IMG_1426654545810 received_10152701852077285 received_10152701852102285 received_10206321732872144

The next event I was unable to enter, but I headed down to do some filming and put together a little video.
The event was Japnats, hosted by Queensland Raceway and has been known as “driftings best kept secret” with rumors of awesome track time, traffic free drifting. Access to both big track and short track (skidpan too if you are into that) and a cheapish entry fee.

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