QR Drift Matsuri 2014

Leading up to matsuri the corolla was finally painted, at 10am on Friday morning.

Ready for prime IMG_6073IMG_607620141008_231614 20141009_110450 20141009_110459

20141010_184443 20141010_225009 20141010_225019
ll done!
The front lip and flares have been modified further so that I dont have to run the front lip anymore except for special circumstances. Its just too low and even taps with ripple strips damages the flares etc. Especially at an event like matsuri I weighed it up and decided more time on track was more important!

Ready to hit the road, the cruiser towed well, few sections were a bit sluggish but I love it too much to care.

The car ran well all weekend, I had some issues trying to get heat into my front tires when the ques were a bit long and people were getting towed on track, but when the night came (my favourite time to drive at matsuri) it was running well and I was settled in to the car again after a fair while out the seat. I was stoked to end up tandeming with a fellow secretdrift.com.au user on my first lap out!
No repairs to be made, and the car was loaded back on the trailer ready for its next event.
All pics thanks to their respective watermarks

20141022_210116 20141022_211134
The new tires I was running on the rear blew me away, I have never worn a tire so evenly or had such good performance, no heat fading, no chunking, no delam. The most crucial thing to note is the absolutely INSANE tire life I was getting, instead of the 3-6 laps I managed an entire day on two pairs. Was excited to load plenty of new tires back onto the cruiser for my next event!
IMG_356062280055837 IMG_344625173738204 IMG_252393376168514 IMG_223226534789170 IMG_223115867585774 IMG_239803525702531 IMG_72203697922597 IMG_68681982762869 IMG_22888581120918 IMG_20449194979226 IMG_20411412123356 IMG_20351640340201

I didn’t take too much footage, but I managed to capture what has become my favourite time of matsuri. The last few laps of the saturday night, its nice and cool, noones on track, no passengers and since I updated my headlights and fitted HID 75W bulbs I can actually see where I am going. Here is my last lap out on the track and the trip back to the pits just to let some more of the song play out.  Chuck in on HD.

The next move is to Japan where I will be driving a jzx90 at the Ebisu Drift Matsuri. Plenty of pics and details to come!
Being my first decent holiday in 7 years, and a dream come true I am super excited! Plenty of good times with good people to come!
jzx901 jzx902

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